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US Business partnershipServices

Us Business partnership services

Tax preparation services for sole proprietors: Minimize your tax liabilities by making the best of your business losses with our affordable corporate tax preparation. The owner & the business are same in this type therefore all business expenses, revenue, income, assets and liabilities are legally assumed by the owner.

Tax preparation services for General Partnerships: The business and its owners are legally the same and the taxes are paid according to the percentage with which the business holders own the business. Form 1065 shall be filed by the Partnerships and the Partnership shall issue Schedule K-1's to its partners.

Tax preparation services for S Corporations: S corporation is a separate legal entity from its business owners. An S-Corporation (or S-Corp) enables its owners elect to pass corporate income, deductions, losses, and credits to their shareholders for paying federal and state taxes in USA. An S-Corp shall file Form 1120S with the IRS and issue Schedule K-1's to all its shareholders.

Tax preparation services for C Corporations: Unlike S corps, C corps are different taxable entities as they file and pay taxes at the corporate level. As the C Corporations face double taxation (on its income and again on the dividend income of its shareholders), UsTaxFiler by invoking the relevant tax laws, try to minimize the tax bill. These entities shall file Form 1120 with the IRS.